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Use & Care

Our Getacore acrylic-bound solid surfaces are designed to be long-lasting solutions. Daily wear and scratches are inevitable through normal use and are more perceptible on high-gloss and bold colours compared to our traditional finishes. In order to prevent heat damages on Getacore surface, always place a trivet or a heat protection pad underneath hot objects, such as hot pans, frying pans, coffee pots, etc. Never put hot pans directly onto a worksurface made with Getacore or a Getacore sink or basin. When pouring boiling liquids into a Getacore sink or basin, always pour cold water at the same time to avoid thermal shocks. Getacore surface maintenance is simple. Dirt may be removed easily using common household cleaning agents. In contrast to most materials, Getacore surfaces may be renewed at any time. Moderate traces of wear and scratches are easily removed to ensure the material maintains its renewed appearance over time.

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