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In times of great change, there are two factors required for success. The first is reliability: high product quality, personal service and the ability to deliver on time. The other is creative freedom – the scope to forge new paths. Getacore provides both these factors thanks to its extraordinary formability and wide range of colours, which now also include homely tones and expressive terrazzo designs. After all, the way we live, work and do everything in between has an impact on who we are and how we see the world.

A transformative space

What brings people back to the office? The office needs to offer tangible added value – to be a space for innovation and dialogue, where employees can develop their personal potential in a way that simply isn’t possible when working from home. Open structures, an inspiring design, a town hall atmosphere that invites people to talk and discuss ideas – all of this opens the door to more outside influence, unlocking motivation and creativity.

Getacore decors in picture: Limana Yellow (GC 9005) & Ameti Purple (GC 8012)

A holistic effect–Healthy design

Establishing a sense of well-being is essential, especially in the healthcare sector. The calming effect of nature plays a key role in the decision to use organic shapes, harmonious tones and natural materials. Getacore offers a huge degree of creative freedom for these spaces in terms of shapes and colours, while also adding an extremely high standard of hygiene thanks to its non-porous mineral material. The joint-free fabrication also provides a sense of space, using the design to foster the calmness needed in order to heal.

Getacore decors in picture: Vancouver Green (GC 5021), Tromso Blue (GC 8021) & Megara Green (GC 5012)

When shopping becomes storytelling

There is still a great need for experiences that give people something real – something they can touch. Anyone who has a story to tell has something to offer that is almost impossible to replicate through online interaction. This approach turns stores into experience spaces brimming with their own stories and unique design language. Storied stores don’t compete with digital offerings. They simply keep the narrative going.

Getacore decors in picture: Terrazzo Dalmato (GCT 212), Terrazzo Artico (GCT 412), Terrazzo Nocturn (GCT 162) & Haddou Red (GC 6010)