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The chromatic universe of Getacore is made up of a rich and varied offering that is designed with the customer in mind. Our colour portfolio features a selection of hues running from solid colour tones to elaborated patterns infused with variegated lines to complement a wide range of interior styles and moods.

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GC 8021Tromso Blue - GC 8021GC8021
GC 6010Haddou Red - GC 6010GC6010
GC 6021Almeria Red - GC 6021GC6021
GC 8010Norrebro Blue - GC 8010GC8010
GC 1021Black Eclipse - GC 1021GC1021
GC 2042White Cloud - GC 2042GC2042
GC 8012Ameti Purple - GC 8012GC8012
GC 9005Limana Yellow - GC 9005GC9005
GCT 162Terrazzo Nocturn - GCT 162GCT162
GCT 212Terrazzo Dalmato - GCT 212GCT212
GCT 412Terrazzo Artico - GCT 412GCT412
GC 5012Megara Green - GC 5012GC5012
GC 5021Vancouver Green - GC 5021GC5021
GC 2011Titan White - GC 2011GC2011
GC 2012Dolomiti White - GC 2012GC2012
GC 2003Trento White - GC 2003GC2003
GC 3011Merano Cream - GC 3011GC3011
GC 2008Davos White - GC 2008GC2008
GC 2252Frosted Carat - GC 2252GC2252
GC 4712Frosted Grey - GC 4712GC4712
GC 2258Miracle Rock - GC 2258GC2258
GC 1112Frosted Space - GC 1112GC1112
GC 4143Frosted Dust - GC 4143GC4143
GC 2007Pergamon - GC 2007GC2007
GC 2245Frosted Star - GC 2245GC2245
GC 1001Vienna Black - GC 1001GC1001
GC 1004Ascona Grey - GC 1004GC1004
GC 2002Cream White - GC 2002GC2002
GC 4004Asphalt Grey - GC 4004GC4004
GC 4007Tessino Grey - GC 4007GC4007
GC 4009Garda Grey - GC 4009GC4009
GC 4010Riva Grey - GC 4010GC4010
GC 4012Lugano Grey - GC 4012GC4012
GC 4022Soho Grey - GC 4022GC4022
GC 1104Concrete Ascona - GC 1104GC1104
GC 1122Frosted Dark - GC 1122GC1122
GC 2269Frosted Cloud - GC 2269GC2269
GC 4407Concrete Tessino - GC 4407GC4407
GC 4409Concrete Garda - GC 4409GC4409
GC 4410Concrete Riva - GC 4410GC4410
GC 4412Concrete Lugano - GC 4412GC4412
GC 1472Miracle Stone - GC 1472GC1472
GC 2388Miracle Beach - GC 2388GC2388
GC 3391Miracle Dune - GC 3391GC3391
GC 3434Miracle Vanilla - GC 3434GC3434
GC 4439Miracle Granite - GC 4439GC4439
GC 4715Miracle Flint - GC 4715GC4715
GCT 236Terrazzo Crystal - GCT 236GCT236
GCT 244Terrazzo Pebble - GCT 244GCT244
GCV 142Marmo Meduna - GCV 142GCV142
GCV 223Marmo Padola - GCV 223GCV223
GCV 239Marmo Piave - GCV 239GCV239
GCV 374Marmo Brenta - GCV 374GCV374
GCV 478Marmo Livenza - GCV 478GCV478
GCV 216Marmo Sile - GCV 216GCV216