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Solid Surface GETACORE - Optimal, Smart and Classic

Today Getacore is embarking on a new chapter in its history with the introduction of our innovative solid surface in three dimensions: Optimal, Smart and Classic. Our range of solid colours and patterns ensures customers will find solutions that best match the needs of their project. Together with our lean Made-in-Germany manufacturing process, our offering provides a wealth of creative possibilities. Our new message – Think of a New Dimension – invites customers to explore the exciting world of Getacore and get inspired.

Optimal (10 mm)

When a job calls for a solid surface to stand out as a decorative element, Optimal meets the challenge.
The 10-mm thickness provides stability for a host of applications: kitchen and bathroom countertops, shower trays, reception and check-in counters. Its advantageous dimensions bring down the cost and weight of a project. Available in 55 colours, sheets are manufactured in 1250 mm width and lengths up to 4100 mm to deliver a significant reduction in seaming and sanding on large-scale jobs that require the solid surface to present a uniform appearance.

Smart (3 mm)

For two decades Smart has established itself as a successful, forward-thinking solution for the solid surface market. The Smart solid surface has a 3-mm thickness yet its ultra-thin dimensions offer the same outstanding stability and durability customers have long identified with Getacore products. Thanks to our precision Made-in-Germany manufacturing and know-how, we have developed a material that exhibits minimal shrinkage and exceptional dimensional stability.

Available in 55 colours and in large format sheets – 1250 mm in width and up to 4100 mm in length – Smart is the ideal solution for large decorative wall surfaces or horizontal and vertical cladding on furnishings and composite elements.

Classic (12 & 6 mm)

Classic is a widely used solid surface model available in a 12- or 6-mm thickness and which comes in widths of 760 mm, 930 mm and 1250 mm with lengths in 2490 mm and 3680 mm. Available in 12 colours, Classic is a trusted solution for a wide range of interior design projects thanks to its proven ability to fit seamlessly into environments in the commercial, retail, residential and hospitality sectors.


The widest and most flexible offer in the world of solid surfaces to meet the specific needs of each project


The success of a project is linked to the satisfaction of different aspects - aesthetic, functional, fabrication, timing, logistic - that must be addressed as a whole and not individually. At Getacore we are committed to develop and to offer answers to each of these needs.


Getacore keeps a watchful eye on the evolution of design trends. The brand continuously updates its range of solid colours and patterns to ensure customers find the right fit for their project. From minimalist designs to decorative styles, our colour palette provides inspiration to help customers achieve the best possible outcome.


Getacore is an acrylic-bound solid surface with exceptional dimensional stability. Durable, transformable, easy to clean, repairable, non-porous and seamless, our high performance product delivers superior colour consistency via its Made-in-Germany production process. Its impressive features permit the brand to stand out from the competition when working in the commercial, retail, residential and hospitality sectors. Here you can get further information of use & care. 


Customers select from four different thicknesses, varying widths and lengths, and a wide range of colours to find the best match for their project and to minimise the risk of ordering excess material. Our manufacturing facility handles large and small orders promptly and efficiently, resulting in short lead times. In addition, the brand offers a selection of sinks and basins in contemporary styles while our remarkable thermoformable 3Deep technology gives designers more creative freedom. To reduce project costs, Getacore products may be paired with surfaces in matching colours from partner brands FENIX and Getalit.

Customer Service

Each Getacore product delivers outstanding quality thanks to our superior Made-in-Germany production process. On Getacore products we offer a 10-year warranty, if installed by certified partners. We provide support every step of the way thanks to our manufacturing and logistics centre strategically located in the heart of Europe that responds quickly to customer concerns. In addition, we offer an on-site training centre to support architects, designers, dealers and fabricators. Contact us here