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The solid surface material for rethinking spaces.


With our acrylic-bonded solid surface material Getacore, we make it possible to rethink spaces. Through the extreme formability of the material and optimal sheet dimensions, we dissolve the limits of design. A broad palette ranging from plain colour shades to vibrant designs emphatically defines the effect and function of your space.

Manufactured in Germany, Getacore meets the highest quality standards: it offers long-term durability, outstanding colour consistency and extraordinary dimensional stability, which enables its use as a compound element. That’s why we offer a 10-year warranty for Getacore, if installed by a trained partner.

Made in Germany

Getacore is produced in Germany in accordance with the highest European quality and environmental standards. From our production and logistics centre in the heart of Europe, we are able to provide customers with a comprehensive range of decors and panel sizes in close proximity. Our experts also give advise at our in-house training centre and support with projects.

Batch to Batch

Getacore is characterised by its outstanding colour consistency – across all batches, as well as in different thicknesses, lengths and widths. The colour palette is based on the latest design trends.

Perfect Size

Whichever size you need: Getacore fits. With a width of up to 1,250 mm and a length of up to 4,100 mm in the basic range, there is less need for cutting, joining and grinding.

And if you need special dimensions for a larger project? Then the ideal panel size is available in a length of 1,800 to 4,100 mm, a width of 650 to 1,270 mm and a thickness of 3 to 22 mm.

3mm for Elements

The solid surface material sheets with a thickness of only 3 mm offer exceptional dimensional stability, durability and extremely low shrink characteristics of only 0.05%. This makes them ideal for use as a worktop or compound element. As a result, project costs are reduced without compromising on quality.


The solid surface material is very easy to process, refresh and clean. Learn more about the most important material properties:

Bonded without visible joints

Visual calm: with Getacore, surfaces and elements can be made to appear perfectly seamless, as if cast from a single piece, through bonding and subsequent grinding.

Renewable finish

As good as new: scratches and traces of use can easily be polished away in no time. In case of more extensive damage, the material can be replaced without leaving a trace.


Ideal for individual shapes: Getacore offers endless design possibilities. We have maximised formability with the advanced development, 3Deep.

Non-porous surface

Easy to clean: dirt and bacteria can easily accumulate in pores. That’s why the surface of Getacore is completely non-porous and therefore particularly hygienic.



At Getacore we strive to deliver solutions, starting from one sheet, that will align perfectly with the functional and aesthetic demands of each project. In place of a one-size-fits-all model, we present: Optimal, Smart and Classic.

Smart (3 mm)

Less material necessary when used as a composite element

Optimal (10 mm)

Same stability and scope of application as standard thickness 12 mm

Classic (6 & 12 mm)

Market standard for a wide range of requirements